A Simple Solution to Grow Your Long-Term Savings and Investment Capital

Are you happy with your long-term investment results? 
Are you worried about another prolonged market decline, economic downturn, or worse? 

Have you given up on the financial markets all together?
Do you own Gold and Silver as a hedge against inflation?
What are you doing to protect that portion of your life savings, which remains invested in the markets via retirement and brokerage accounts? 
I know, I know: so many questions, so much confusion, and so much uncertainty.
Many folks out there have given up, resigning themselves to take whatever the market dishes out and considering themselves lucky to simply have an investment portfolio to begin with. 
With all the market rigging, corruption, political scandals, and economic uncertainty in the world, I can’t really blame them, but there is a solution
The huge ups and downs over the last two decades have left us all a bit shell-shocked, believe me, I know.
The bottom line: no one wants to be fooled again into taking a roller coaster ride to the slaughterhouse
So what’s the answer for conservative long-term investors who want to preserve their life savings and keep pace with the ever-rising cost of living?
In this age of never-ending uncertainty, the answer is clear: simplicitydiversification, and prudence, coupled with an effective long-term strategy to navigate exposures to risk over the long haul.

My confidence in these tenets is hard-won.

My name is Joe Russo.  I’ve been studying finance since 1987 and I know personally and viscerally, what it means to see your long-term investments suffer the peaks and valleys of market volatility without the balancing ballast of patience and strategic discipline.
More than a decade ago, I found myself taking a hard look at my investment portfolio.  I stopped myself before I got very far. 
You know, I thought, You are truly insane if you think that you could do better than the S&P 500 making investment decisions simply by listening to the news, neighbors, chasing the latest hot tips, or taking advice from a discount brokerage firm.

Yeah, that nagging voice—the one we all share— finally told me to just calm down, and to not get ahead of myself.  To think clearly about what I’d already lost, won back, what I needed to protect, and what I needed to do in order to make sure that I didn’t fall into the same old traps.  To make me promise that I’d never bury my head in denial with every other loser on the planet.
The instinct to make money and protect our nest eggs is what drives a lot of us to save and invest in the first place. 
I’ve been self managing my long-term savings and investment accounts for several decades, but I must admit to more than my fair share of shortcomings and failures.

A decade ago, I wasn’t managing anything except my own hope, fear, and ego.

I feared that the market wouldn’t recover after a big fall, I feared that I would get out too soon and watch in agony as the market skyrocketed leaving me behind, fear that my instincts and know-how were, at the end of the day, plain wrong.  
That little voice in my head perpetually seduced me into accepting that my emotional misery and lackluster results were my own damn fault.
Yeah, a borderline sadistic approach, to say the least!
I finally came to a harsh conclusion: the seductive voice that I thought was my inner compass, my prudent guide, was, in fact, my very worst enemy.
Upon realizing this, I decided that instead of giving up, instead of reconciling myself as helpless, I’d work tirelessly to find a mathematically based strategy, one that could handily trump my deceptive, emotionally based hopes in order to manage my hard-earned savings successfully.
And that I did.
I knew better than to buy lock-stock-and-barrel into the buy-and-hold the S&P 500 sales pitch, but I also knew that historically, stocks had proven sound investments and a reliable inflation hedge. 
I also knew that, historically, there was no better place to participate in equities than a low cost index fund or ETF tied to the performance of the S&P 500. 
The challenge I resigned myself to was figuring out a way to mathematically quantify when it was time to take profits and go to cash (or short the market), and when it was safe to get back in with the bulls. 
Straight away, I knew that I would never in a million years find such mathematically quantified information in the Wall Street Journal, from CNBC, a newsletter, a book, or even a registered investment advisor. 
At that time, my primary target and area of focus was the benchmark S&P 500 index, although I’ve since discovered that this long-term strategy works great in other markets as well.

So I began the long and arduous journey of learning everything I could about economics, financial markets, politics, history, the Federal Reserve, monetary policies, interest rates, and the technical analysis of stocks and commodities.
After numerous bouts of trial and error, money made and money lost, I finally found my Holy Grail of long-term investing. 
I figured out how to mathematically quantify, adjust, and measure the performance of this strategy over several decades of historical price data.  The rest is recorded history.
I’ve since said goodbye forever to that seductive little voice I used to listen to all the time.  That inner voice driven by fear, greed, ego, hope and denial is now gone for good, plain and simple.
Now I know better, and I think you do too.

I’m not going to be coy about sharing this information; we’ve spent enough time already soft-shoeing around fears that the sky will fall down around us once more.  And maybe it will.
That’s precisely why I’m reaching out to you today.  To alert you to a simple, sound solution for self-managing your investments and savings accounts, one that practically comes with a no-fail guarantee. 
Look: I get it.  Emotions are like powerful drugs; so is the codependency of complacency and denial.  You might think you’ll be happy with luck-of-the-draw results. 
You might think you’ll be okay with managing one disappointment at a time, hoping for a better next time, or just listening to whomever seems to have the slightest bit of knowledge that you lack.
I get it.  I’ve been there.  It doesn’t work.  I think you know that too.
Now, if you want to break the cycle of frustration and failure and get permanent relief from that nagging voice of emotion and responsibility, if you’re ready to lift your head from the sands of denial, clear your thoughts and get smart about patient, disciplined, proven investment strategies designed for long-term success, then please, read on.
The secret I’m about to reveal has been my long-term investment weapon since I found it, but honestly, it’s just too good, too easy and simple not to share.  It’s the Guardian Revere Long-Term Trend Monitor.

So, what is "the Monitor" and how will it help you realize outstanding results in your self-directed long-term savings and investment accounts? 
Here are the features of this secret weapon:
1. It’s simple, no maintenance, and easy to follow;
2. It’s extraordinarily affordable (I’m virtually giving this lethal weapon away);
3. And most importantly: IT WORKS

The beauty of the service is its “set-it and forget-it” simplicity.
Once you have become a member, beyond taking action in response to periodic action-alerts, there is nothing else that you need to do.
If there are no action alerts within 3-months, we’ll keep in touch with regular quarterly updates, but we won’t nag you with weekly warnings or emotional table poundings.
The market is our only business.  Let us mind it for you, affording you the confidence and luxury to tend to your business without having to stress about what to do with your long-term investments every time there’s a big rise or fall in the S&P 500, Gold, or Silver. 

And sure, the Monitor is simple to use thanks to its adherence to long-term trends and the featured “Alert Notification Service,” but the real beauty of this service is that it’s backed up with a proven track record of success.

The Monitor uses a proprietary automated investment strategy.  This long-term trend "strategy" is mathematically coded into computer algorithms, which quantifies entry and exit signals that calculate and measure the strength and bias of long-term trends.
Is it 100% foolproof?  Of course not, and I’m not going to waste your time shilling something that doesn’t exist. 
Investment involves risk, we all know that.  But, quite simply, every aspect of the Guardian Revere Long-Term Trend Monitor is designed to WORK, from the boots-on-the-ground monitoring discipline, to the simplicity of the decision-making required on your end, and, of course, the assurance of its proven track record & performance.

Membership Benefits

Beyond that unimaginable intangible --peace of mind--membership to the Guardian Revere Long-Term Trend Monitor includes:
·         Year round access to critical Action Alerts generated by a mathematically quantified trend following formula (with a 52-year track record of outperforming the S&P 500 from 1960-2013—that’s crazy!)
·         Quarterly Reports and Updates (no complicated communications—we respect your time and your need for clarity)
·         Affordable Fees and Generous Referral Program (your annual membership is basically free when you share this “secret weapon” with three friends!) *

Using the Monitor gives me more than a solid method of monitoring and managing my self-directed investments and savings accounts.
It’s given me my life and confidence back.  It’s shut down that nagging voice that nattered away at me in my dark days of constant emotional torture.
It’s made me remember why I started saving and investing in the first place.
I’d be selfish not to share this alert service with you, and excuse me if this sounds impolite, but you’d be foolish not to take advantage.
Forget fear, emotions, and short-term hand-wringing.  Embrace proven, long-term results.

Joe Russo,
Monitor Developer

* The referral program will go into effect after registering the first 20 members.